committed to your healing

Our mission is to create a conscious community where we can support one another as we journey toward healing and growth.




True wellness happens when all aspects of our being are in alignment.  Everything that we do stems from the thoughts and feelings we are holding within our minds, making them a great place to start your journey towards healing. At Triad Wellness Center, our life coaching programs are designed to help you find freedom from the limiting and outdated beliefs that have been keeping  you from your best life.  When you heal your mind, the rest of you will follow! 



Without proper nourishment, love, care, and respect, our bodies cannot thrive in the way that will best support us.  At Triad, we hold the human body in the utmost esteem and provide services that will help yours to keep going strong for a long time to come.  Not only do we offer personalized health and wellness coaching, but also individual yoga sessions tailored specifically to the needs of your body.  Each of our practitioners brings their own unique teaching style and areas of expertise, ensuring that we have a teacher for every BODY!  



A deep connection to your own inner spirit is integral to discovering optimal wellness within your life.  At Triad, we believe that we are constantly supported by Spirit, with its many names, and that we can consciously raise our awareness of that support whenever we choose to.  Through Shamanic Journeying, Reiki Energy Healing, and other modalities, our team works to support you wherever you are on your path.  

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